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Let's Build A Consistent Lead Machine Using A Retargeting Funnel

Let Us Get Rid Of Your Inconsistent Lead Problem...

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More Than Just A Marketing Service

What We Will Do For You...

Tailored Retarget Marketing Campaigns

  • We craft digital retargeting campaigns tailored to your unique audience, utilizing custom audiences to ensure optimal lead quality.

Precision Audience Targeting

  • Our approach is focused on reaching the right audience while filtering out non-serious leads ("tire kickers"), ensuring your marketing efforts are directed towards those most likely to convert.

Lead Nurture Package

  • Included in our core marketing program is our Lead Nurture Package. This includes free
    Pre-built scheduling sequences, text scripts, call scripts, automated sequences, and obstacle overcomes.

Continuous Optimization


24/7 Support

  • Benefit from weekly progress updates as our expert team continually refines and optimizes your ads, ensuring they remain effective and aligned with your business goals. We are always available for contact throughout the entire process.

We Take Your Success Seriously

You Are Joining A Team...

Business Questions?

Contact Us with any questions you may have regarding your business. We care about your success!

Questions About Our Service?

We will stay in constant contact. But if you have questions about our service, we will be there.

Want To Grow Past Facebook?

We offer way more than just Facebook Retarget Marketing campaigns. We are there for you when you want to scale up!

WHY Us...

Other Agencies vs LGM Media

Other Agencies

  • Term Contracts, Commitment, and Hidden Service Fees.

  • Any Leads They Can Get, are tire kickers

  • Expensive ($750+)

  • Lack Of Communication

  • Lack of Ad Knowledge

  • No Guarantees

LGM Media

  • NO Contracts

  • Custom tailored ads strategy.

  • Affordable

  • Constant Communication

  • Professional Retargeting Funnels

  • Data Backed Results

  • Money Back Guarantee

Our Campaigns In Action!

Actual results from one of our clients.


5/5 star reviews

Let's Build You A Consistent Lead Machine

Digital Retarget Marketing campaigns built based on your ideal audience and custom retargeting for optimal conversions.

Here's what you get:

  • Digital Retarget Marketing Funnel Setup & Optimization

  • 24/7 Business Contact

  • Lead Nurture Package

  • No Contracts

For Limited Time, Only...


"Best purchase ever!"

"For the price, no brainer! But the results... It should cost more! Added $4,500/Mo in the first month, on track for $12k this month. Definitely got my money back."

Our Mission...

Why We Do, What We Do.

Most companies want to offer the least amount of work for the most amount of money. Makes no sense. To put it in perspective the same services, but without our inclusive features typically goes for upwards of $750 per month! Absurd.

We value our customers and their success and offer extensive planning for the future growth of your company. We treat your business as our own and equate your success with ours!

On top of that we offer our clients a full refund if we can't build them a consistent lead machine in the first 30 days.


Could We Help You?

If ANY Of These Resonate With You, It's For You.

Sleepless Nights Over Lead Gen

Inconsistent Lead Generation

Ambitious To Scale

Dedicated Business Owner

Sales funnel confusion

Brand visibility hurdles

Customer acquisition difficulty

Conversion rate stagnation

Poor Ad performance

ROI uncertainty

Lead quality concerns

Ad spend inefficiency


Satisfaction Guarantee of a Consistent Lead Machine

If we do not build a Consistent Lead Machine for you in the first month of using our digital retarget marketing services. You get a FULL refund.

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